A woman armed with a ham radio reporting on her experiments and experiences

A (somewhat) New Ham Radio Operator Blogging and Slogging Along

Me I’m a retired teacher. Taught Sciences and Math mostly. Raised in the Mid-West and since then have lived most of my adult life in the Pacific Northwest.

Most of my interests tend to be outdoor-nature oriented; birds; astronomy, amphibians and reptiles, whales… I’m also fascinated by human behavior, psychology, and the many crazy ways we all adapt to situations in our lives. Two of my favorite books on that subject are “Why We Believe What We Believe” by neurologist Andrew Newberg; and “Stumbling On Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert.

Other things I read tend to be mysteries with thought provoking ideas, good character development and witty dialog. The heck with the color of the wallpaper in the room, give me good snappy conversation. Favorite authors in this genre are Tana French, Anne Perry, V.L. McDermid and my all-time favorite has been Raymond Chandler.

I have always been interested in Short-wave radio, probably since I was about 10. I have a separate web page here about my Short Wave History. Took my Technician in April 09 and my General in June 09.

Thanks for reading!

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