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There is a reason why I call my full size dipole a "Droopy Drawers" dipole. It has to do with the droop of the wires making up the two arms. I suppose I could have described them as "catenary" or some kind of "hyperbolic trig functions" ... but why use terms that obfuscate something which can so graphically be communicated using common language? A little humor is surely welcome too, por que?

Each arm of my dipole consists of a wire tossed up into a small tree alongside of my 2nd floor balcony. There is one tree on the East side and another tree on the West side. One of the trees is 30 foot Maple so it blows around a little. I have to leave some slack in the lines, especially on that side,
so the wires D R O O P into "U" shapes.

The full length dipole; such as it is

The two "arms" of the dipole are each around 30 feet long. I do not really know the length of one of them because I just made sure the wire I was tossing up into that taller tree was long enough that I would still be holding one end when it got caught in a branch up there. There are even more non-idealities. For the arm that would be more visible to neighbors walking by, I used a finer gauge wire. The other one is thicker gauge only because it was originally a single end-fed wire antenna I bought from Bruce NU0R of MapleStudios at eBay.

I will eventually get around to posting some measurement data on my dipole. When I do, I will put a link to it on this page.

I suppose the guys reading this would like to see the entire pictures of the unfortunate ladies whose panties have betrayed them, so to oblige them...

Images on this page were drawn and painted by Art Frahm (1907-1981) )

The copyright to hundreds of vintage pin-up works is is held by Brown & Bigelow. Go to Brown & Bigelow Licensing for their current catalogue and terms. Pin-up artists included are Rolf Armstrong, Al Buell, Freeman Elliot, Gil Elvgren , Earl Moran and Zoe Mozert.

Information about Art Frahm and his work can be found at:
Prints of Frahms's work can be purchased at many sites online. Here are a few:
http://www.allposters.com/-st/Art-Frahm-Posters_c61300_.htm http://www.art.com/gallery/id--a9348/art-frahm-posters.htm

Hilarious Commentary on Paintings by Art Frahm

I enjoyed the MANY humorous comments made about Art Frahm's pin-ups at the following website. The author calls it a "Study on the Effects of Celery on Loose Elastic" because he has observed that almost all of these "panty-drop" paintings by Art Frahm show celery protruding from the top of her grocery bag. One has to wonder if there was one real life incident somewhere which inspired his imagination again and again. Either that or his fantasies were a "single track" type.
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As long as we are on the subject of "droopy drawers"

This picture is very familiar to me. I think it was displayed prominently in a pizza shop in Old Town Florence Oregon for many years. It was the kind of thing my father, who was a photographer, loved to see. He did a few pin-up type pictures of my mom and her sister and some of their single women friends when I was just a wee tot. So, strange as it may seem this picture reminds me of my father, in a warm, funny kind of way.

About this picture, author/writer James Lileks laughs about the jackhammer rattling the elastic of her underwear loose.
If you go and read all of James Lilek's comments about Art Frahm's "panty-dropping" obsession, you will find he makes many remarks about the unlikelihood of a woman's panties suddenly dropping as depicted in these paintings.
However I clearly remember the "Art Linkletter" TV show - back in the 50s and 60s - and I bet many of you guys reading this remember this too - on this show, seeing and hearing women admit that they had suffered PRECISELY this most embarrassing of accidents. Sometimes it was their half-slip which decided to loosen it's grip, and sometimes only a garter strap would tear loose and droop below their skirt, but from what I recall it was most often their panties. When Art Linkletter asked them why their underwear would fall off, their embarrassment was compounded as they had to admit that they simply had not purchased new underwear for so long that the elastic on their panties had lost it's ability to hold fast.
The other question I remember Art Linkletter asking these women, was what they DID about it when their intimates dropped down their legs. Invariably, or with a few exceptions, the women said they did the only practical thing. They stepped carefully out of their undies and kept right on walking.

But this sort of thing does not happen these days does it?

If I am honest about it, I will also add that as my weight has increased in recent years, I find that my own panties sometimes roll down my tummy. Sometimes they threaten to go further and I have had to make discreet adjustments before it is too late.

But I think what happens more often these days is what two of my women friends have described happening to them; one of them just a few months ago, shortly after beginning a new job. Both of these women are gorgeous head-turners, at the younger end of the age spectrum of my closest circle. Each of them have endured the humilation of discovering much too late, that the panties they had worn the day before had apparently been stuck in the pant leg of their jeans and had now fallen out and was drooping around their ankle in clear sight. One of these friends had been walking around in a grocery store wondering why so many people were smiling at her. She was all the way out in the parking lot when she noticed something down below in her peripheral vision. The other friend was just walking out of a meeting of her new co-workers, most of whom were men. One guy approached her at the door to ask, "What's that?" It was her thong panty! Her first thought, she says, was "How did my thong get down there when I'm wearing jeans?" Good question! It took her a moment to realize they were the panties she had worn the day before. They must have stayed in the pants leg when she hurriedly stripped off her clothes last night. I did NOT ask her why she had been in such a hurry to get her clothes off that night!


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