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  1. Candy Duell says:

    Good Morning,
    I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog., I am N2OKA. I just got back into using my license, and have found I really like digital. Do you or have you used it?
    It is so nice to find your little space on the internet 🙂 73 de
    Candy N2OKA

  2. Cindy Lou' says:

    I found your website by doing a search trying to find out what to do with a radio I just picked up. It looks like a little missile (it’s red and black) and has a alligator clamp on a wire that attached to some diodes inside, as well as an earplug, etc… I saw one that recently sold on ebay with the box and paperwork, but still haven’t found out how to use it. I will probably find a buyer for it and pass it along.
    I really enjoyed your website, but the location thing is way off…matter of fact it said I was in Mount Pleasant, Texas and then said I was in Terrel, Texas….but I am really in Sanger Texas, which is way north west of those places. It’s good to see another Female Ham Op online, I got my ‘ticket’ back in 1997, and have enjoyed it.
    Take care hun, and stay safe and happy!
    ~73 de KD5BJX

  3. W6YJG says:

    Hello – –

    Enjoyed the visit and offer minor correction. The antenna photo identified as being the Tulelake receiving array in your informative backscatter article is incorrect and not part of the AN/FPS-118 OTH-B Radar System. Though gone, a passive reflector screen was erected similar to Christmas Valley but not as tall and about 1.5 miles long.. A row of about 150 individual phased elements were installed freestanding vertical in front of the reflector screen. The vertical element height of the receiving array is probably half the canted element length of the transmitting array. A wire mesh ground screen running the length about 300 yards wide is mostly still there.


  4. W6YJG says:

    Hello again and need to correct last comment. The Tulelake screen reflectors were actually 5000 feet long and number of vertical elements was 246 in each array.

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