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I saw this very clever and cute handmade corset at

NAME:  Vintage Radio Corset
PRICE:  $695
DESCRIPTION:Brown Leather Corset with brass mesh inlay with a unique old gadget appearance making it an ideal addition for any Steampunk outfit.”
GET IT HERE: Zahira’s Boutique at

Here’s another cute idea featuring vintage radios.

NAME: Vintage Radio Pillow Cover
PRICE: $50.
DESCRIPTION: 20 inch pillow cover %100 cotton & has an envelope closure. Machine washable. Image continues on the back.
GET IT HERE: Beatnik Bungalow’s Store at

Now I really like this one!
What you are supposed to look at here is the vintage radio pattern on the skirt fabric!

NAME:Retro Radio and Mint Green Cigar Dress
PRICE: $55
DESCRIPTION: This super flirty dress is a lovely mint green with a killer retro radio print . This dress has a fitted sweetheart bodice with a flowing full circle skirt that looks great on everyone and falls about 17 inches from waist. This dress can be made with or without the halter straps. Please let me know what size you need.
GET IT HERE: “On the Trashy Side” store at


I have no affiliation of any kind with the businesses listed here, 
nor am I any relation (to the best of my knowledge), 
to any of the people involved, nor am I even acquainted with them.
 I've listed these items solely because I found them to be 
very creative products which I enjoyed seeing.

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